Breakup List

"Porcelain Heart" by Barlow Girl
"What Hurts the Most" by Cascada
"Un-break My Heart" by Toni Braxton
"Moving On" by TimBeTold
"White Flag" by Dido

I wish I never would have needed this list.
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As if yesterday wasn't enough...

This evening I called my mom because I thought there was a discrepancy in SSN's for my college records and the number I had memorized.
Turns out, I was wrong all along!  I'm not sure how long it's been like this, but through working at Shop Rite, volunteering at a state agency, and my internship applications... just... wow.

So tomorrow is going to be another hectic day, I can tell.  I'm like "I can't wait for some new drama/situation to arise!  Wonder what it's going to be?"

I mean there's a panel on the economy as part of Career Week that I want to attend, and it's at noon, but I have a group meeting during that time.  There's Japanese Club, Chinese Culture Club (maybe), and another group meeting for another class(!!!), before AAA!

I'm not too optimistic right now, either, regarding the outcomes of several situations I'm going through right now.  I need to think more positive ._.
Think happy thoughts!  Think positive!  Think happy thoughts!  Think positive! xD

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Emotional Rollercoasters (who doesn't love 'em)

This week is going to be a busy one, and some personal issues have been going on that put it off to a sorta-bad start.

Tuesday's schedule is going to be a little busy... Resume Critiques from 6-8, a Housing Interest Session (the last one!) at 7, and E-comm at 9.
Pales in comparison to Friday... class, Career Fair, exam, then ECAASU.  Doesn't look so bad laid out at the moment, but come Friday I'll have a lot of reasons to want Spring Break.

NYC, Mitsuwa, SLEEP!... ahhh, I kinda want it already.
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Last week I found out that one of the two acts that I chose to stay in for Mystique, Soran Bushi, was dropped.  No biggie, I thought, I'll just rejoin the ax dance!  Today, though, I found out about this: blog: CRAFT: Volume 10 is our last issue in print

I follow their online blog very closely, and wanted to get a print subscription to CRAFT: once I find a job and get an income.  I love print magazines, especially on the nights I commute from college to home.  The only thing that stopped me from buying a copy was the price, which is understandable considering it only comes out quarterly, but was still higher-end compared to other magazines.

After finding out that knit1 would only be available in LYS, not through mail subscriptions, last semester, this came as another major swing of disappointments this month.

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I think my ears are ringing?

Let's start the day with four fire drill tests.  Oh wait, no, let's start the day with a dream I had where my parents were telling me to drop out of college!

Yeah then came the alarm tests which woke me up on four separate occasions.

And this freezing cold...

And this real fire drill in the evening, when I had finally gotten back to my room and was a little "bleargh" because of personal troubles regarding a certain relationship...

Fire drill, which came after finding out that one of the acts I was looking forward to participating in for Mystique this spring was dropped...

And after finding warmth in NJCF, getting the realization slapped in my face that though he is my boyfriend, he still has a life.  I know I can't expect things to be differently.  So WHY CAN'T I ACCEPT THEM?!!??!?!?!?!

Oh and I have no future.  The end.
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Writer's Block: Super Sunday

Which is the better game: the Superbowl or the Puppy Bowl?
The Puppy Bowl may seem boring, mundane, and plotless to others, but the cuteness factor wins in my book.  The Kitty Half Time Show is actually my favorite part.

I'm probably biased, though, cuz I'm not much of a sports fan.  It was nice watching the Giants win last year, but other than that, I'm not really involved.

Is it just coincidence?

Today my professor started out the Operations Management class with a quiz.
It detailed stuff about countries, such as which one pays the most, which one has the most Internet addresses per capita, which one has the best Internet infrastructure, etc.; stuff about companies (which two [from a list] originated in the USA), etc.; and questions about industries (which one is the most competitive?).  The last question did not have an answer from the list, and it was "Which internationally celebrated annual event do the most people travel for?"

And everyone listed New Year, Valentine's Day, other stuff/etc.
I guessed Chinese New Year, and was right!!!

But I'm pretty sure the professor didn't make the connection...

Anyway Xing Nian Quai Le!



The creator, Frank Warren, came and spoke to us at TCNJ today (technically last night)!  It wasn't really something I was excited or looking forward to, and I initially went just cuz I hoped it would be a good night.
And a good night it was!  The speech was a unique style of motivational talk.  It had its funny moments, serious moments, WTF moments, and more!

And as much as I'm trying to cut back on my spending, I bought one of his books.

What the...?

So after a night of agonizing over how much the spring semester is going to suck and how my priorities are out of order, and after dropping a lot of Mystique acts and other Pan-Asian responsibilities/duties, I review my Unofficial Transcript from last semester, and spy a little line under "Good Standing" that says...

"DEAN'S LIST"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:D Yay OMGWTFBBQ*spazfoam*

Turns out I just made it with a 3.5 semester GPA.

This is a good indicator that I know how much more emphasis I need to place on my studies, and how the spring semester is bound to be another challenge for me (two D+'s in the past two spring semesters really killed my overall GPA).

But still...
Never did I expect...
Despite wanting to get all A's...
Making Dean's List!

White Christmas!

Okay, so it isn't really snowing now, but the snow left from last week is still there, so it's still a "white Christmas," right??

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